Press release of the Center for Environmental information  - Febriary 2002
Children of the Baltic Green World Transboundary Environmental Information Agency
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An unknown criminal has assaulted Oleg Bodrov


On 18 February, 2002, in Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Oblast, an unknown criminal has assaulted Oleg Bodrov, the Green World Council chairman, a member of the Coalition Clean Baltic Board.

This happened at about 8 p. m., when Oleg was walking home from the Green World office. The criminal hit Oleg twice in his head with some heavy object, and Oleg fainted and lied unconscious for some time.

The purpose of the attack was not robbery, because the assaulter took no of Oleg's belongings, also leaving all the money and the mobile phone untouched. After regaining consciousness, Oleg reached the nearest militia office and informed about the attack. From his home, Oleg called ambulance, and was hospitalised to the trauma department of the Sosnovy Bor hospital No. 38 with the diagnosis: concussion of the brain. Surgeons put five stitches in Oleg's occiput, and one in his temple.

In spite of proposals by militia to hush up the incident, Oleg insists on starting a criminal case.

Without any doubts, this assault was undertaken in response to the Green World activities on protection of legal procedures connected with environmentally hazardous projects.

Presently, Green World and personally Oleg Bodrov are active in revealing violations of the Russian legislation at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, illegal operation of Ecomet-S plant on remelting radioactive scrap metal, and threats to the environment from new ports on the shores of the Finnish Gulf, and the Baltic Pipeline System.

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