Press release of the Center for Environmental information  - July 2002
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The Youth of the Gulf of Finland Works Together for Better Environment!


A Russian-Finnish youth seminar “The experience and prospects Russian-Finnish Youth Cooperation for Better Environment” was held on 5 July 2002 in Lomonosov town. The seminar was supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Lomonosov Town Council. This seminar was a part of summer program, which included six-days visit of students and pupils from St.Petersburg and Leningrad oblast to Finland, work in the environmental camp in the National park Liesjarve and four-days environmental program on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland with participation of the Finnish students.

This seminar was the last step of the two-years project “Baltic-Scandinavian network “Environment for the New Generation” carried out by the NGO “Children of the Baltic”.

The working meetings of the teachers and eco-activists in St.Petersburg, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia, visits of the youth groups to Finland and Estonia, experience exchange in the field of environmental education and youth nature protection movement joined young activists from different coasts of the Gulf.

The Russian activists who took part in the camp and the seminar were teachers, students and pupils from Lomonosov Children Environmental Tourism Center, club “Domovenok” of Russko-Vyssotskaya school, club “Ekos” from Lebyazhye school, laboratory “Efa” from St.Petersburg Palace for Youth Creativity, representatives of Lomonosov Town Council and Municipal Formation “Lomonosov district”, members of NGOs “Green World” and “Children of the Baltic”, journalists.

The Finnish participants were young activists of NGOs «Luonto-Liitto» and "Natur & Miljo", which work with elder schoolchildren in the program “Youth Environmental Parliament”, camps and other actions.

Important part of the seminar was “brain storm”, which included discussion on the following questions: What is the purpose for cooperation? What are our similarities and differences? What forms of cooperation would we like to develop?

In the end, the following three directions of Russian-Finnish cooperation for 2002 – 2003 years were fixed:
1. The international seminar “Youth Environmental Parliament” in Helsinki in November 2002;
2. Russian-Finnish environmental camp on the South shore of the Gulf of Finland in summer 2003;
3. Establishing “Youth Environmental Press-Center” in St. Petersburg.

This was the result of the meeting and the start of the new project, which will be led by environmental club “Domovenok” of the Russko-Vyssotskaya school in 2002-2003. Up