Press release of the Center for Environmental information  - September 2002
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Baltic Cod Fishing Quotas for 2003 Ė still a threat for the long-term survival of the Baltic cod.
Baltic Herring stock is planned to be overfished with 33% for year 2003.



Baltic Sea Region countries decided on a cod quota for 2003, that is 15 % above the scientific advice. Baltic region governments still squeeze out as much as possible from the threatened Baltic eastern cod stock. This mean that governments donít implement a true precautionary approach for Baltic cod fisheries.

The Baltic Herring stock is currently harvested outside safe biological limits, and the spawning biomass is historically low. Under such conditions Baltic region governments decided on quotas for 2003 that is 33 % higher than the scientifuc advice. Such decision will jeopardize the long-term survival of Baltic herring.

No agreement was made for a separate management of the Eastern(east of Bornholm) and Western Baltic Cod stocks , which has been proposed from the scientific advice now for 2 years. Because of political reasons, and the close enlargement of EU to Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, no agreement could be made.

Most countries pushed for higher cod quotas for 2003 than the scientific advice.

Polish government, having a big interest in Baltic fisheries, pushed, during the negotiations, for higher quotas for sprat and salmon for year 2003, than the scientific advice. Such position of Poland is a non-sustainable approach of the Polish policies, and gives great concern from NGOs for the restoration of the Baltic Sea marine ecosystem. Poland is a country that has the biggest population of the Baltic Sea catchment, and its policies will be of crucial importance for a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region.





IBSFC/ ICES (change in relation to ICES advice)


< 65 000 tons

75 000 tons

+ 15 %

Herring, south of Aaland Sea

< 108 000 tons

143 349 tons

+ 33 %

Herring,north Baltic + Bothnian Sea and Bay

< 60 000 tons

60 000 tons

+ 0 %


< 25%0 000 tons

310 000 tons

+ 3 %

Salmon, Gulf of Finland

Fisheries only in areas where no chance of taking wild salmon

50 000 salmon

Unclear if ICES advice will be followed

Salmon, Main Basin + Gulf of Bothnia

410 000 salmon

460 000 salmon

+ 12 %

The decision for fishing quotas for 2003 has fortunately been much better for Baltic fish populations than that from previous year.

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