Press release of the Center for Environmental information - October 2001 Eng
Press release of the Center for Environmental information  - October 2001
Children of the Baltic Green World Transboundary Environmental Information Agency
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Bus Campaign

"Habitat values and Sustainable Development on the South Shore of the Gulf of Finland"

This campaign was organised by CHILDREN OF THE BALTIC NGO from 1 to 4 October along the route: St.Petersburg - Lomonosov - Tallinn - Sillamae - Kronshtadt. The campaign participants were NGO activists (including youth NGOs) that work in the sphere of environmental information and education, nature conservation, and public environmental monitoring.

The campaign goals were:

- Attracting the attention of inhabitants to the necessity of preservation of natural and cultural values of the south shore of the Finnish Gulf;

- Promotion of ideas of the Aarhus Convention (on access to environmental information, public participation in decision making, and access to justice provisions);

- Exchange of experience in the sphere of access of citizens to environmental information and public participation in decision making;

- Development of youth initiatives in nature protection and sustainable development.

Many projects that are planned and realised today on the south shore of the Finnish Gulf - prolongation of operation of outdated reactors at the Leningrad NPP, illegal construction and operation of the plant for remelting radioactive metals "Ecomet-S", construction of new ports, of a new aluminium plant - bring new risks to the whole south shore of the Finish Gulf, to the whole ecosystem of the Baltic Sea.

In the opinion of the campaign organisers, information about such projects must be timely, complete and accessible, and decision on realisation of such projects must be made with consideration of the public opinion, of opinion of all stakeholders independent of their state of residence.

Main activities of the campaign were:

- Round table of NGOs in Tallinn, October 2, 2001, organised by Vitality of Estonia, videofilm "Place of action - Baltic Region" by Inform-agency "Sustainable Development" was demonstrated, NGO vision of common environmental values in the Gulf of Finland region and ways for Russian-Estonian co-operation were discussed. In Tallinn, Vitality of Estonia and Children of the Baltic signed the agreement on long-term co-operation.

- Environmental seminar in Sillamae, October 3, 2001, organised by Centre for Applied Ecology, where Russian and Estonian environmental leaders and activists spoke about public monitoring of the Gulf coast, Local Agenda 21, providing environmental rights for people.

- Russian-Finnish-Estonian Forum "Days of the Finnish Gulf - 2001", which started on 4 October in Kronshtadt.

The campaign was organised and held by the CHILDREN OF THE BALTIC NGO in cooperation with public and educational organisations, local authorities and mass media of St.Petersburg, Leningrad region, Tallinn and Sillamae (Estonia): the Public Centre for Environmental Information, Green World, Keep St.Petersburg Tidy, Lomonosov Youth Environmental Tourism Center, Youth movement "Ecoshield", Sustainable Development Information Agency, Children Eco-club "Domovenok", Ecocentre "Voznesenskiy Most", Lomonosov Municipal Council, Estonian Society for Nature Conservation, Vitality of Estonia, Friends of the Earth Estonia, Estonian secretariat of Coalition Clean Baltic, Centre for Applied ecology in Sillamae, Movement "Sillamae Environmental Initiative".

The financial support to the campaign was given by: Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN, DANCEE - AVA Programme); SULA (Gulf of Finland Environment Society, Finland); Nordic Council of Ministers.

For more information please contact:
In St.Petersburg:
Olga Senova: , tel./fax +7 812 4223278;
In Tallinn:
Kullike Uusaed:, tel. +372(0)5167363;
Arvo Raundsepp:, tel./fax: +372 6481584;
In Sillamae:
Marina Janssen:, tel.: +372 3924525.